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Abrham,Harold & Jack Vexler
Company founder, Abraham Vexler, fled Romania in 1887 at the age of 16 amidst social and political turmoil. Having gained his parents’ blessing, young Abraham boarded a ship for the New World, never to see them again. Expecting to arrive in the United States, Abe was disappointed to learn that he had boarded a ship bound for Montreal, Canada. Being short on cash but having a strong back and even stronger will, Abe worked as a stevedore loading and unloading ships to earn his keep. In 1895, he saw value in the things that people were throwing away and began collecting bottles, rags, and scrap metal for repurposing and recycling.
In 1908, a recession hit Montreal and Abe set off for new opportunities in Texas. Believing opportunity existed in moving scrap from Mexico into the U.S., he set off for Monterrey, Mexico, the company’s namesake. These were turbulent times in Mexico, and in 1912 he was aboard a train that was hijacked by Pancho Villa. All of the American men aboard were taken hostage and never heard from again. Abe, being a Canadian, was spared.
Once again trying to escape unrest, Abraham settled in San Antonio in 1916. Building a hand-cut limestone warehouse at the corners of Medina and Chihuahua Streets, he and a handful of hard workers and a few horse-and-buggy rigs began the local scrap operation.
Harold & Jack Vexler
The next challenge to hit Abraham was felt by everyone around the country – the Great Depression. Business had slowed to a near halt, but thanks to a good friend and a generous banker, Franz Groos, Abe kept the plant and made it through with even stronger resolve to succeed.  
During World War II, the scrap industry was called upon to collect and process the metals needed to support our troops during those desperate times. All three of Abe’s sons – Sheldon, Harold, and Marvin – served their country during the war. In February 1944, Abraham celebrated the birth of his first grandchild, Jack. Two months later, Abe passed away.
Hoping to fill his father’s shoes, Harold stepped up to the task of running Monterrey Iron in 1945. Harold had grown up at “the yard” and worked there at least part-time since the age of 12. Over the next few decades, Harold bore witness to great advances in the recycling industry, including the advent of the Newell shredder and the roll-off truck.
In 1969, Harold’s eldest son, Jack, became the third generation of Vexlers to join Monterrey Iron. Forced to relocate in 1982, Monterrey lost 70% of its customer base overnight. Though it took time, today Monterrey Iron handles the greater majority of industrial scrap metal accounts in San Antonio and the surrounding area. The new yard, near Kelly USA, is a prime example of the modern metal processing plant and is suited to serve the needs of industrial San Antonio for generations to come.