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Tips for Recycling Metal From a Soft Demolition

Recycling Metal
Demolition and construction companies that are branching out into soft demolition, or deconstruction, have the opportunity to recycle materials found at the demolition site. Soft demolition requires that a structure be broken down first, with materials like wiring and pipes removed before the rest of the structure is demolished.
The amount of reusable materials in a house or office building, for example, make recycling metals like copper, from wiring and plumbing, a lucrative side gig. However, finding these materials and storing them bring with them security problems, especially as metal prices rise.
Companies that include metal recycling as part of their demolition aftermath need to be aware of what they are in for: a financially rewarding task that also requires savvy timing and good containment procedures.

Demolition Site Protection

People who scavenge for copper and other valuable metals will often come to old, abandoned buildings, especially if they know that no one is going near the place. So once you book a demolition or deconstruction job, you have to protect the site so that your company gets the materials it wants.
There are a number of ways to protect your demolition site, including hiring security guards and installing temporary cameras with live monitoring. If the structure isn't in visibly bad shape, you could also make it look like the structure is still occupied. You can also take advantage of fencing options to help seal off the property against intruders.
You may also want to consider having a deconstruction team go out to the site as soon as possible, even if the final demolition has to take place later. Get the recyclable metal out of the building as soon as possible so you won't have to worry about theft later on.

Storage Facility Protection

If you are not taking it to a scrap metal yard immediately, then you will have to protect the metal at your storage site. As metal prices, especially those of copper and brass, have gotten higher, scrap metal theft has increased. So anyone trying to store scrap metal does have to install more security, from guards to internet-enabled monitoring.
If you plan to leave the metal at your facility before bringing it to a yard, you need to increase your security now, even if you already have security to protect tools and equipment.
If possible, an enclosed storage area with solid walls, window security, and sturdy commercial locks will work best. If you can avoid it, never leave the metal visible because it will attract those who are out looking to score something like copper wire.
You may need to increase overnight guard patrols, too. All of these security measures may seem like a lot but will be worth the financial reward you get when you sell the scrap metal to a scrap metal recycling company.

Financial Protection

It is normal to want to build up a supply of metal so that you're not constantly heading to the scrap yard. However, keep in mind that if you wait too long, you could find yourself with a lot of metal to recycle and prices that have suddenly dropped.
If you only have a small amount of recycled metal collected, you could wait to get more before you try to sell. With larger amounts, though, waiting could result in missed deals and your storage area becoming filled to capacity. It's best to take regular, somewhat frequent trips to sell the scrap metal. Plan a regular time that you will go.
Metal recycling is a good addition to your business; you just need to be prepared. If you want more information on recycling scrap metal, contact Monterrey Iron & Metal Recycling