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How to Create an Efficient Metal Waste Disposal Strategy

Running a factory, workshop, or construction site that produces large volumes of iron and metal waste can be daunting if you do not have a functional disposal strategy. Working with metal dumping companies is particularly critical if your business requires high-speed cleanups. Here are five tips to help you avoid pitfalls that surround poor disposal strategies.

Recognize That Scrap Material Has Value

There are things you can do with your metal waste other than taking it to a dump site. Recognize that scrap metal and by-product materials have value. Consult a metal expert to evaluate what you can sell to recycling companies and what you can convert to useful products.
You can evaluate your future projects and keep any current surplus material that you could use in the projects. For example, you can create storage boxes using big sheets of waste iron.

Have Clear Disposal Policies

A lack of clear policies on how to dispose of waste metal can cause confusion among employees. It can also promote illegal activities, such as an employee carrying off metal pieces they consider worthless or selling the pieces to scrap metal traders without your authorization.
You also need clear policies and procedures on how waste metal is sorted, stored, and transported from your company to the dump site. Approach a company that can provide containers for storage and pickup services. You can arrange for them to come regularly or to collect the containers when they are full.

Install Internal Controls

Weak inventory controls often compromise accountability, increase the amount of waste, and cost your business a lot of money. Have adequate record keeping to track parts that you can use or refurbish later so they do not go to waste.
You can achieve this by having storage sections for what is ready for dumping, what needs re-evaluation, and what you are keeping. It is also important to have safe storage arrangements for expensive used metal pieces that still retain some value.

Engage in Procurement Activities

Transparent and efficient procurement and disposal activities can help minimize losses from your metal supplies. Order only supplies that you need and in the right quantities. Scrutinize your contracts with your suppliers for metal pieces and scrap to see if there is any ambiguity in your arrangements with those companies.
For example, a service provider that does not specify where they take your waste metal could get you in trouble through unlawful disposal. You will also need to curb any internal corruption that could allow removal of waste metal for private use. Conduct regular audits and take action immediately on any loopholes you identify.

Hire Staff With Integrity

Your staff's attitude can help you get metal disposal right or put you in a lot of trouble. Any recycled metal piece put into proper use can save your business money, and responsible employees will always look for ways to minimize what they waste.
A staff’s lack of commitment to adhere to policies can deny you a clean record when authorities come to inspect your metal waste disposal standards. This poor attitude can also cost you hefty fines if negligence causes accidents or other hazards.
No matter how insignificant a metal waste disposal issue may appear, you need to fix it before it escalates to a bigger problem and possibly costs your business heavily. Recognizing and identifying any risk factors in your business will help you pinpoint the type of management action you need to perfect disposal of scrap materials.
Consult with the experts at Monterrey Iron & Metal Recycling for advice on how to sort, store, and transport your metal waste; how to get a certificate of destruction for insurance claims; and how to go about fulfilling your recycling needs.